Green Potion’s™

Topical Therapies


is the Secret of Natural Remedies™

GCL proprietary herb blends™

of organic and wild
crafted medicinal herbs

Green Potion’s Topical Therapies™

Green Cylinder Labs Inc.™ proprietary herb blends of organic and wild crafted medicinal herbs, blended with whole virgin oils and nutrients, are the basis of everything we make. Green Potions™ are topical creams and liniments using perfectly balanced natural compounds with anti-inflammatory, vasodilating, analgesic, cell and immune building properties. Hundreds of alkaloids, esters, terpenes, antagonists, and precursors find their ultimate expression in Green Potions. They offer a natural alternative to prescriptions and OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceuticals for safe relief from pain and skin conditions.



Thank you for your perfect Face and Skin Cream! I took steroids and antibiotics for over ten years. I quit those drugs after one month. The rosacea and acne are gone!

E.K. | Seattle WA

Your cream is a miracle. I’m an MD, but nothing has helped my diabetic foot pain until this! Thank you.

Dr. K. Taylor, M.D.

Thank you for meeting with me and for making Green Potions. I’d tried everything for my psoriasis. You saved me!

Paul S. | Seattle WA

Just last week a patient of ours was raving about your liniment, claiming it’s the only product she’s been using the last 6 months and that it has gotten rid of her tumors! We’ve also had patients say that they prefer your roll-on liniment for their treatment of psoriasis and arthritis as it is convenient to use and delivers much relief.

Alison R. | Dockside Co-op

I am writing on behalf of my wife and myself. My wife suffers from severe orthopedic pain all over but especially in her right shoulder and degenerative disc disease in her lower and middle back/spine. All the weird prescription drugs offered very inconsistent relief. She spent every night on ice and/or heat. Yet, she slept little. Often she felt as if she hadn’t slept at all. When I slowly, gently apply Green Potions Ultimate Relief Liniment and/or Ultimate Relief Cream her pain subsides in about 3-5 minutes and she is able to relax and sleep! We recommend you Green Cylinder Potions to all our friends. Thank you for your amazing potions.

J. L. and A. L. | Seattle WA

When you saw our Cocker Spaniel you were very sympathetic about his horrible arthritis and offered a free bottle of your Ultimate Relief Liniment. After three applications he is actually trying to chase squirrels and birds! He hasn’t tried to run in years. We are all so happy! Thank you. Need to buy that for him. It is a miracle!

David K. | Seattle WA

I am a seventy seven year old great-grandmother, still raising two of my grandchildren. I’ve been plagued with nerve pain all over my body, neck, shoulders, wrists, feet, and more. I used your Ultimate Relief Liniment, then, Ultimate Relief Cream. Your inventions are miracles! I’ve given up steroid injections and oral pain medicines too. Not only do your safe, natural remedies work better than drugs, but also do not cause awful nausea and other side effects. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. How has no one done this before? Who cares? You have!

J. Johnson | Seattle WA

Two formulas, different levels of relief


Works on the Surface, Digs Deep for Pain™

The Ultimate Relief formula uses the original GCL Proprietary Herb Blend #1™ and is available in two forms, a soothing liniment and a luxurious cream, both offering fast, long lasting pain relief and healing properties. When the Ultimate Relief proved a little too powerful for some delicate skin conditions, GCL Proprietary Herb Blend #2™ was developed; our Face and Skin Cream.

Green Potion Ultimate Relief Liniment & Cream™

  • Arthritis, sciatica, scoliosis
  • Injury, scar reduction
  • Joint & muscle pain, sprains
  • Eczema, psoriasis
  • Headaches, migraines, sinusitis
  • Diabetic foot pain

Green Potion Face & Skin Cream™

  • Acne, rosacea
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Age spots, dry skin
  • Cuts, burns
  • Rashes, bug bites
  • Hair & scalp leave-in conditioner

Synergy is the Secret of Natural Remedies™