Works on the Surface,
Digs Deep for Pain

Organic and natural ingredients offer safe relief
from pain and skin conditions

Green Potion Therapies™ become more effective when used regularly, unlike drugs that build resistance and require ever increasing toxic doses. Green Potions™ also don’t cause serious side effects that chemical pain drugs do.

3 Bottles

Roscoe Johnson

CEO / Founder / Mad Scientist

Following grievous injuries I learned the agony of chronic pain and heartbreak of psoriasis. I tried over the counter remedies, opioids and oceans of lotions to no avail. In 2000 I pulled out my Grampa Hoppas’ natural salve recipes that had been in the family for four generations. I began altering his remedies and experimenting on myself. Family and friends were amazed at my results and also tried the potions, expanding my research. The potions relieved pain and cleared psoriasis and other skin disorders. Hundreds of testimonials received over several years of trials demanded that I make “Mad Scientist” therapies available to all. People’s needs, curiosity and creativity helped me understand an amazingly broad range of uses for these natural, safe potions. Thus, Green Cylinder Labs, Inc. was founded in 2013.

Synergy is the Secret of Natural Remedies™